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Thursday, 19 June 2014

INTERESTING - 5 Yoga Poses to Make You a Better Bottom

The local G Philly welcomed a new health contributor named Barry Eichner last week with an understated post that gets his brand new health column “started with a bang.”

Unlike the unrelatable health correspondents talking vitamins and absurd gym exercises at other sites, Eichner’s debut column features some of the best and most reader-friendly advice we’ve seen all year: Five Yoga Poses to Make You A Better Bottom.

“Good sex is something everyone wants. But it takes work,” he says. “Don’t forget that sex is a physical activity that requires strength, stamina, and flexibility, so it only makes sense that the more flexibility, strength and stamina you have, the better your experience will be.”

We like him already.
Below, with the help of professional bottom model Brian Swope, Eichner shares a few good moves to “help you open up your body to give you the physical tools needed to make bottoming more enjoyable.”
Head on over to G Philly to see the rest, and don’t forget to practice, practice, practice!

Thanks Queerty

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