“There’s this illusion that homosexuals have sex and heterosexuals fall in love. That’s completely untrue. Everybody wants to be loved.” ~ Boy George

Monday, 30 June 2014

My choice for this week SPORTS STUD XABI ALONSO

Xabier Alonso (“Xabi”) is a Spanish footballer that plays as defensive midfielder and is a deep-lying playmaker. The 32-year-old plays for Real Madrid and previously played for Liverpool from 2004-2009.


Saturday, 28 June 2014

Saturday night movie BEYOND THE WALLS (2012)

Paulo, a young pianist, meets Ilir, a bartender and bass guitar player originally from Albania. They become lovers. Confronted by his girlfriend Anka, Paulo finds himself out on the street. Despite Ilir's misgivings, Paulo moves in with him. One day, when Paulo promises that he will love Ilir for the rest of his life, Ilir leaves the city and doesn't return. A few days later, Paulo finds out that Ilir is in jail, and their relationship faces unexpected challenges.



Friday, 27 June 2014

!? Study Finds Bumping Uglies With Strangers Can Be Good For Your Mental Health

Get ready for the shock of the century, folks, because this one’s a bombshell.

A new study has found that engaging in casual sex, one night stands, or keeping a “friend with benefits” can have a positive impact on a person’s mental health, Design & Trend reports.

The study, which was conducted by sex researcher Zhana Vrangalova, was just published in Social Psychology and Personality Science, and challenges the idea that people who engage in promiscuous behavior are somehow damaged, or that casual sex is less enjoyable than romantic sex.
In the world of social sciences, “sociosexuality” is a term used to describe a person’s interest in casual sex. Researchers surveyed 371 college students about their sociosexuality, asking about their sexual behavior and psychological well-being over a period of nine months.

Researchers explained that “participants were considered to have had penetrative casual sex on a given week if any of their oral, vaginal, or anal intercourse partners were reported as one-night stands, friends with benefits, fuck buddies, casually hanging out, just friends, ex-partners, or unclear/complicated.”
After interviewing the students for an entire academic school year, researchers found that, in general, participants “reported lower distress and high thriving following casual sex” and that their psychological effects were “amplified.”

“The vast majority of unrestricted people desire, enjoy, and form relationships,” Vrangalova added. “They just also enjoy and desire casual sex.”
So there you have it, folks. Bump those uglies! It’s good for you! Just be sure to wrap it up before you do.




Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tuesday review BELAMI ONLINE studio

Bel Ami Online is one of the landmark producers of high quality gay porn specializing in twinks and jocks from central Europe. 

The website began in 1998 and is now at version 4. The site has an eye-catching tour offering hot scene previews and the promise of a huge amount of material. Bel Ami's high-production standards result in some stunning material. Over time, the scenes have become much more explicit, and now feature great close-ups of the penetration, breeding and cream pies, and a couple years ago they started filming barebacking, which they call condomless.

The core of the site has always been its collection of gorgeous Slovak, Hungarian and Czech models from 18 to 25. Many could rightly be called sex gods. The European focus means lots of uncut cocks, some of which are very big; Trevor Yates has one that should have its own zip code. More recently, performers from other countries, including the US, have been added. All are generally smooth, slim to well built but not over muscled and tattoos are a rarity. The Models pages feature 360 guys, but the list is incomplete; Bel Ami must offer over a thousand models.

Bel Ami Online leads the way in premiering high quality gay porn on the web with a great looking site and some of the hottest jocks and twinks anywhere. So many guys, frequent updates, so much sex, over 1400 downloadable videos, and being DRM-free, you can keep most of vids forever. And there's plenty of member interaction due to the forum and many comments on the videos. Bel Ami is one of our favorite sites due to their gorgeous college-aged European boys in some of the best hardcore and solo action ever filmed. While nothing in life is perfect, this site comes close!




Monday, 23 June 2014


Days after sending the internet into a frenzy with his incredibly sexy mugshot, Jeremy Meeks has set the record straight about his sexual orientation and relationship status, saying he is married and has children too.

The felon who was picked up by Stockton police on weapons charges earlier this week, became an internet sensation after the Stockton police department decided to share his mugshot on their official Facebook page to relish in their arrest. The mugshot was subsequently shared by every straight woman and gay man you know, nearly 12,000 shares and 90,000 likes at last count.

An ABC news affiliate in Sacramento visited the Stockton jail where Meeks is being held and was able to score an exclusive interview with him. He said he appreciates the attention, but added, “I just want [everyone] to know that this is really not me, I’m not some kingpin.”

He’s currently being held on $900,000 bail, and his mom has started a GoFundMe campaign to pay for his defense. She’s only been able to raise $2,600 of her $25,000 goal so far.
The blog Kris Avalon Raw and Uncut, is also giving us hot flashes with Meeks’ ALLEGED nude photos showing his rather impressive package.
Source TGG



Friday, 20 June 2014

JAKE JOHANSSON new Mr Gay Europe

A tough and strenuous week is over for the delegates of Mr Gay Europe 2014.

Jack Johansson from Sweden is the new Mr Gay Europe, but the rest of the delegates did not let him win that easy.

The competition contains of 12 different challenges throughout the week, and each challenge is vectored according to importance. The delegates are informed about the vectoring of the challenges ahead of the competition.

The competition took place last weekend in Vienna, and Johansson had these kind words to say:
And when I won, I realized that a lot of people, especially young boys, saw me as a role model – to be a role model for boys and girls who don’t really know who they are, and to be able to guide them through their hard times has been a true privilege. I have received a lot of mail varying from young boys needing guiding to old men needing acceptance.