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Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Celebrated gay porn star and former Falcon Studios performer Cameron Fox has died, according to several industry insiders within the gay porn community. He was 36-years-old.
The Texas native reportedly entered the gay porn industry in 1999 at the ripe age of 22. He quickly became known for his performance and endowment, racking up at least two awards before leaving the industry in 2006. News of his death began circulating on social media yesterday, though no official cause of death has been reported.

A gay porn reviewer at the blog Chronicles of Pornia remembers Fox fondly:
There was a time during the 1990?s gay porn industry pantheon when stars were truly stars whom did not need to pander for adult fame, rather, they simply let their work speak loudly and proudly.
Cameron Fox was one such person.
I never once felt as though Cameron was phoning in a performance. He was virile, engaged and present at all times. He gave more than 100% to his action scenes. Fox knew how to give his partners and his fans what they wanted to see. The mark of a real porn star.


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