“There’s this illusion that homosexuals have sex and heterosexuals fall in love. That’s completely untrue. Everybody wants to be loved.” ~ Boy George

Sunday, 31 August 2014


Last month, Str8UpGayPorn exclusively broke the story that gay porn star Bruno Knight (real name Philip Gizzie) had been arrested at L.A.X. for attempting to smuggle a half-pound of crystal meth in his anus (in case you missed it, I posted it HERE). At the time, I predicted that Knight would probably plead guilty and take some kind of deal, given that—according to the police affidavit—he had already confessed. Turns out, that’s exactly what he did.
Yesterday, Knight pleaded guilty in federal court to one count of possessing meth with intent to distribute, but there’s no mention of the second count from the original indictment—the smuggling charge (Knight was trying to board a plane to London)—so it was likely dropped as part of the plea deal. Knight faces a maximum 20-year sentence, but he’ll probably get much less.

Unfortunately, the exact terms of the plea deal have been placed under seal by the court, so we won’t know anything until Knight’s sentencing, which is scheduled for November 24th.

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Saturday, 30 August 2014



A Brief History Of The Jimmy Fanz Fuck Face

Johnny Rapid might make some of the best faces in general, but when it comes to faces made while actually being fucked, there’s arguably no one better than Jimmy Fanz. In honor of Jimmy’s fuck face on display today in his new Randy Blue scene with horse hung and wildly talented self-sucking gay porn star Dominic Santos, here’s a quick look back at some of Jimmy’s other fuck faces on Randy Blue.

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Friday, 29 August 2014

Incredible Gay Wedding Photos

Hope that will be much more to come !


Can we please make naked surfing a thing?!

Surfing Vimeo channel ConceptBlue shared a teaser clip from “HAPPY, NAKED & HEALTHY” of a handsome surfer getting buck naked to ride some waves.

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

How Five Gay Porn Stars Came Out To Their Parents

The process of coming out as a gay to parents is an emotional journey on its own, but the task of coming out as a gay man and a gay porn star is an entirely different monster.
Earlier this week, we were treated to a rare interview with Broke Straight Boys model Paul Canon and his parents, talking very candidly about Paul’s decision to appear in gay porn and the influence his career has over his family’s perception of sexuality. Ultimately, the only thing that mattered to Paul’s family was his happiness and health.
Let’s check out four more gay porn stars and their own stories about laying the gay porn news on their parents:

Michael Lucas
Controversial porn kingpin Michael Lucas has spoken openly about his decision to pursue sex work as a means of support when he moved to America from Russia in 1997. In an interview with Vox, he revealed that his family, including a brother and grandparents, are supportive of his career in gay porn.
He continued:
It was not big breaking news. I told my mother, “”I always wanted to do something in front of the camera but you know, Hollywood never called. But still I managed to get into the erotica business,”” and my mother said, “”Even porn?”” And I said, “”Yep, I make porn.”” And that was it. We talked about business with my father. We never talked discussed performance, you know, the models and movies themselves, but financial situations. My parents have been to my corporate offices. And so I was very open to them, and I was lucky that they do well. They were very educated, very open minded people and that’s very helpful. I think it’s helpful that they are not religious.

Steven Daigle
Before starring in the raunchy bareback flick “Cum Whore”, Steven Daigle was a wholesome country boy pegged as the “gay cowboy” on Big Brother season 10. At the time, he apparently didn’t have a relationship with his family due to his sexuality. “I come from crazy,” he told The Sword in 2011. “Once I made my transition to porn and was being thrust into the media via TMZ and Perez Hilton, it seemed that everyone I had ever known was finding ways to contact me and ask about it–everyone except my family.”
After his award-winning debut film “Steven Daigle XXPosed” won a GayVN award for Best Renting Title, he shared the news with his mother. “The response I got was not too far from what I expected,” he writes. “’You should not be proud of any award you win for something disgusting like that.’ The rest of the message was about me asking for forgiveness from God and quoting random Bible verses.”

Christian Wilde
Bisexual gay porn star Christian Wilde told his entire “coming out” story in an emotional YouTube video, posted to his blog last year. The first of his family members to know about his work were his aunt and mother, who helped eased him into coming out as a gay porn star to his father.
Before he had the chance to tell his father, Wilde says he found out through the grapevine. “Whatever you do, I still love you, and your’e still my son,” he said. “I just want to let you know that it’s ok.

Jesse Jackman
Jesse Jackman detailed his entire coming out experience in a blog post for HuffPo earlier this year, explaining that his mother discovered his work in gay porn by way of his blog. “Her response was amazing,” he writes.
“She’d known the whole time. Our bank accounts are linked because we co-own some property; several months earlier she’d noticed a deposit from a source she didn’t recognize — my studio — and traced it back to their website.” After seeing some intimate outtakes from his film “Loud and Nasty,” he says she understood that porn was about love, not torture

Paul Canon
Probably the most candid porn-star-coming-out of all time comes from Broke Straight Boys model Paul Canon, who recently sat down with his entire immediate family to discuss his gay porn career and their assumptions about his sexuality. Check it out here!
“My parents knowing I do porn is actually kind of a good thing now,” Paul says. On the topic of discovering his work in porn through an organic Google search, Paul’s mother said “I was shocked. I thought, ‘that’s him! This is it!’” “It was a big shock, there was a lot of anxiety, but it is what it is. He’s going to do what he wants to do, and if that’s what it is, I support him.”

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Justin Theroux’s Bulge LEFTOVERS

Here’s a media strategy that can’t lose.
HBO’s The Leftovers is about to wrap up its debut season, and as any viewer of the show will confirm, it’s been one confusing ride.
After each episode we seem to know less and less about the overall plot of the show, a phenomenon that is made even more frustrating by the pacing which employs elements of cinematic realism to tell the story of a rapture-like event vanishing 2% of the world’s population.
So lots of slow scenes, and very few answers.
But there is one thing the show definitely has going for it. Its star, Justin Theroux.
And more specifically, his crotch.
In last night’s episode we got backstory on many of the main players, but with Justin it was more like frontstory.

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Couples Who Sleep Together Naked Have Happier, Healthier Relationships and More Sex!

A recent survey conducted by Cotton USA asked 1000 British people in relationships what they wear to bed and how happy they were in their current relationships. The survey found that couples who sleep in the buff had happier relationships, more sex and stronger bonds.

57% of those who reported sleeping naked said they felt happy, compared with 48% of pajama wearers and 43% of nightie wearers.

Manhattan-based therapist and relationship expert Amber Madison wasn’t surprised by the findings.

“Being naked in bed with your partner is physically and emotionally intimate,” she said. “It’s a way of showing, ‘I want to be close to you’ and a green light for sex. That intimacy and emotional and physical availability is what keeps a relationship strong in light of daily stressors and challenges.”

The study also looked at general sleeping habits and relationships. It found that dirty clothes on the floor, clutter and beds left unmade are big turn-offs. Eating in bed, allowing pets in the bedroom, stealing the covers and wearing socks to sleep were also listed as pet peeves.

Monday, 25 August 2014

I'M A PORN STAR (2014)

"I'm a Porn Star" follows the lives of guys in the neighborhood who are likely a lot more famous than you - at least on the Internet. There are an estimated 370 million pornographic websites online. Porn is now a thirteen BILLION dollar business. So who's doing all this moonlighting? Turns out -- probably some people you know.



Saturday, 23 August 2014


Photos of three nude Italian tourists, who frolicked around Spain’s La Barceloneta neighborhood for three hours last friday, has sparked protests against tourists’ anti-social behavior.

100 Barcelona residents took to the streets calling on local officials to do more to combat their city’s “drunken tourism” problem.

“We’re tired of low-cost, drunken tourism,” said La Barceloneta neighborhood association leader, Oriol Casabella to Britian’s The Guardian. “It’s killing our neighborhood and dissuading other types of tourists. It’s Magaluf all over again.”

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Friday, 22 August 2014


Hmmm...if I woke up in the same bed with him...that would be waking up with big smile...

Much More of him HERE :)

LOVE IT! Men.com models read mean tweets!

Men.com has just tweeted a Youtube video, which is the gay porn version of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets!” This funny video features Paddy O’Brian, Dato Foland, Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark, Tom Faulk, Jimmy Fanz and Dirk Caber. I hope the studio is going to make more videos like this one, because I had a good watching it.

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Some young Russian dude decided to do a little shopping in his birthday suit.

The naked man, who we presume was headed to the store to buy some condoms or lube, was stopped by the Supermarket’s quick-thinking staff near the store’s entrance.

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Monday, 18 August 2014


USA-CINCINNATI – Hamilton County can be sued because a morgue attendant had sex with female corpses while at work, a federal appeals court ruled Friday.

Kenneth Douglas admitted in court that he sexually abused three corpses while he was drunk or on drugs, but he had sex with up to 100 bodies, he said in a deposition.

"I would just get on top of them and pull my pants down," said Douglas, who worked the night shift at the morgue from 1976 to 1992.

A jury might conclude the former coroner and morgue director failed "recklessly and wantonly" to supervise Douglas, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Friday in allowing the suit to continue.

The panel cited evidence that Douglas' supervisors were aware he was drinking and also having sex with live women while on the job.

Douglas' wife testified in a deposition that he reeked of sex when she picked him up from work. She said she called the coroner's office and reported him, but the morgue supervisor told her to stop calling.

The families of the three victims sued the county in 2012.

Douglas, now 60, was convicted of gross abuse of a corpse in the cases of Karen Range, Charlene Appling and April Hicks in 1991 and 1992


Will solo model Alex Mecum ever do hardcore gay porn? At this time he has only two solo videos.