“There’s this illusion that homosexuals have sex and heterosexuals fall in love. That’s completely untrue. Everybody wants to be loved.” ~ Boy George

Friday, 31 October 2014


Looks like it’s going to be a good year. And as 2015 draws nearer at what feels like warp speed, here’s another racy way to pass the time.
The Nashville Grizzlies rugby team thought it proper (and we agree) to get rough and dirty in the mud for their calendar. Here’s some of what’s inside.

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Thursday, 30 October 2014



The members of Club Deportivo Santa Eulalia de Donas have tossed aside their black and yellow uniforms in order to raise money for their sports club with the help of a nude calendar.

Check out a preview of the calendar below:

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Gay porn world 12 yrs ago and now

12 years might not seem like that long, but in the gay porn world, it bridges the distance between two completely different eras. If you were old enough to be buying and watching gay porn in 2002 and are still buying (or illegally downloading) gay porn now, you have no doubt noticed some changes in the industry! Here are 10 things—some good, some bad—that were different about gay porn 12 years ago.

1. There were no Twitter meltdowns.
In 2002, there was no Twitter, no Facebook, and no ask.fm. Consumers didn’t know (and likely didn’t care) which gay porn stars were gay-for-pay, who got a DUI, or who wanted $100,000 to “pay for college.” It was a simpler time! Also, there wasn’t a gay porn blogosphere (even the grandfather of gay porn blogs, GayPornBlog.com, didn’t launch until 2003), so if you wanted gossip about your favorite stars, you’d have to sign into AOL and go to Data Lounge or ATKOL (remember ATKOL?? LOL).

2. VHS still ruled.
With the exception of Sean Cody (which launched in 2001), the overwhelming majority of gay porn was still being released on VHS in 2002. So, instead of paying $1 for a trial membership to a gay porn site, you paid anywhere from $50-$100 for an entire movie, and you still used your VCR every night. I wonder if someone like Liam Riley even knows what a VCR is?

3. There were adult bookstores.
If you didn’t have $100 to buy an entire movie, you could rent a tape (or a DVD) from your local adult bookstore, if you lived in a relatively big city with adult bookstores that carried homosexual titles. This was often problematic, because it meant you’d be showing the bookstore clerk your gay porn rental in a time when being gay wasn’t nearly as accepted as it is now.

4. There were no tattoos.
Why didn’t gay porn stars have tattoos in 2002? Coming out of the AIDS crisis of the 80′s and 90′s, the industry (and gay media in general) was focused on presenting big, strong, mostly hairless, healthy bodies. Covering anything up with tattoos would be counterintuitive.

5. There were no “scenes,” there were only full movies.
Studios made full features with loosely connected plots and storylines, usually consisting of 4-5 scenes. It took a long time to get through a movie, but if you didn’t like a certain performer, you could always fast forward to the next scene.

6. Stars were paid per movie, not per scene.
Most big name stars were paid for each movie they did, not each scene. Old school talent agent David Forest recently told me that his clients (Ken Ryker, Ryan Idol, Jeff Stryker) used to make $12,000 per movie, and they’d usually only make two or three movies per year. And speaking of pay in general, newcomers would regularly earn $1,500+ to appear in their first movie. Now? A newcomer earns as little as $200 for doing a web scene. (Some studios like Sean Cody and Randy Blue still pay over $1,000 per scene.)

7. There were magazines.
If a gay porn star wants press today, all he has to do is answer questions in an email—and sometimes the person writing the email doesn’t even have to be the person they say they are! Back in 2002, gay porn stars met with a magazine’s photographers and editors for customized photo shoots and in-depth, in person interviews to coincide with the release of their latest feature. Every single major gay porn magazine has since been shut down, including Inches, All Man, Mandate, Honcho, Men, and Unzipped.

8. There was no bareback.
With the exception of two or three underground studios, there was no bareback gay porn in 2002. Even the suggestion of producing a condomless movie in 2002 would have gotten you blacklisted from the entire gay porn industry. Facial cum shots were looked down upon, too. Condoms weren’t just a requirement, they were also considered sexy, at the time.

9. There was less diversity.
As over-saturated as the market is now with niche sub-genres (Eskimo tranny midget porn, anyone?), we at least have the option to watch literally any kind of gay porn we want. 12 years ago, you could count the number of black gay porn stars on one hand (Jack Simmons, Rick Pantera, Jeremy Tucker, Tiger Tyson), fetish porn was practically unheard of (remember how they used to censor all the fisting scenes in the old Falcon movies?), and men over the age of 30 didn’t even exist (Dirk Caber would’ve been cast as a corpse, whereas at least now he’s cast as a creepy old man).

10. The guys were hotter and the movies were better.
12 years ago, gay porn studios were run by gay men with better taste and (because they were actually gay men) direct experience with what their audience fantasized about. Plus, most of them cared about the quality of the movies they were releasing and the role those movies played in gay culture. For a lot of people for a long time, gay porn was the only place gay people could see other gay people portrayed in a positive light (or any light at all)—even if it was “just porn.” Now? Competing gay porn studios and their straight-owned parent companies are tripping over each other in a mad dash to produce 47 scenes per week—most of which usually end up on a free tube site 30 minutes after being released—and they’ll cast anyone with a dick and a valid ID to get the job done.
Today, literally anyone—anyone—can do gay porn. 12 years ago, gay porn stars like Mike Branson (above, left) were famous because of how good they looked while having sex with other men. Now? “Gay porn stars” like Max Payne (above, right) are famous—in fact, he’s been the most searched for name on this blog all year—because of their social media embarrassments and how awkward they look while trying to have sex with other men. That’s not the gay porn industry’s fault (Payne’s ridiculous Vines were filmed long after his two gay porn scenes); it’s simply what people are searching for. And hey, good for Max Payne, and good for his fans/haters. Every generation gets the gay porn star they deserve.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014



Congratulations to hot Spanish porn stars Antonio Miracle and Mario Domenech. This hot porn couple just got married this weekend! They posted many pictures from their wedding ceremony on their Twitter @antonio_y_mario.

And for this occasion, two Spanish gay porn websites Fuckermate.com and HardKinks.com both release hot threesome scenes starring this newlywed. :-)

Fuckermate releases a sex scene called “Wedding Gift” where Antonio Miracle & Mario Domenech fuck each other and get fucked by newcomer Xavi Duran. Mario also gets double penetrated in this scene!

HardKinks releases a video called “Sleazy Pleasures” and this time you can watch Antonio Miracle and Mario Domenech tag-team Fabio Testino.

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Is This The Stupidest, Most Disgusting Gay Porn You’ve Ever Seen?

Living in a post-Viral Loads world, it’s hard to be grossed out by anything anymore. But, the sick fucks at Pride Studios have just come pretty close to making me want to throw my laptop (and myself) out the window and call it a day.

In case you hadn’t guessed, it’s a Halloween-themed gay porn (gay porn studios love making Halloween porn, even though most of it never works), and in case you couldn’t tell from the pic, it’s features Tony Orion and Isaac Hardy playing zombies. Zombies who butt fuck each other. (And no, not “zombies” as in “lifeless gay-for-payers with limp dicks,” but actual, undead monsters, like from The Walking Dead.)

I thought zombies ate brains, not ass?

Obviously, no one will be jerking off to this, but it does work as a gross-out comedy. Also, the make-up is good, and so is the acting—the grunting, writhing around, and eyes rolling back in the head is funny—but as a porn, it’s stupid. Or disgusting. Or both? I can’t decide. Can You?

Monday, 20 October 2014


David McIntosh is a British ex-military and security operative who became a television personality, actor, and fitness model. A former Royal Marines commando, he was a Gladiator on the Sky 1 TV series Gladiators, under the name Tornado. In 2014, he participated in Celebrity Big Brother 14. In 2014, McIntosh appeared in fitness magazine "Muscle & Fitness", the Jennifer Hudson music video "Walk It Out", and the Nicki Minaj music video "Anaconda".

Friday, 17 October 2014

Watch Dan Osborne Get Naked Five Seconds After Being Asked To Get Naked

Dan Osborne recently posed for another glorious shoot to appear in an upcoming issue of Attitude magazine, and instead of getting naked just because like he usually does, he gets naked after accepting a dare to get naked.

Dan was named “Fittest Man of the Year” at the annual Attitude Awards banquet Monday night, not to be confused with Tom Daley, who was simply named “Man of the Year.”
In the clip below, Dan is asked to perform a dare by choosing one from three red envelopes. Sure, all three probably contained the exact same dare (“jump in the pool naked”), but let’s at least give Attitude a hand for finding new and interesting ways to get Dan Osborne out of his clothes:

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Unwelcome Wood: UK Man Treated at Hospital for 17-Hour Erection

A North Yorkshire man found out that there can be too much of a good thing -- like a 17-hour hard-on.

Like many other healthy young men his age, Jason Garnett, a 23-year-old hotel employee from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, U.K., woke up last Friday with an erection. Only, in Garnett's case, it wouldn't go away, News.com.au reports.

Not wanting to miss work, he went to his job, but by midday, with his member still at full attention, Garnett took actions to relieve the situation. Thinking ice would take the swelling down, he tried an ice bath -- to no avail. His attempt to jog it off with his boner tucked in his belt, but the effort proved to be both fruitless and uncomfortable.

Finally, he asked his roommate to take him to the hospital.

"At first, he was in hysterics, but then realized how serious it was," he said. 

His roommate wasn't the only one in hysterics. According to the Daily Mail, when Garnett arrived at the hospital, he was greeted with the same reaction. This time, from the hospital staff.

"I was in so much pain when I arrived at the desk that I can't remember exactly what I said -- but I made the staff laugh," he recalled. 

He wouldn't be laughing for long. The hospital called a urology specialist, who instructed the staff to drain the blood from Garnett's penis.

Doctors drained more than two pints of blood from his Johnson and then proceeded to harpoon his "free willy" with a series of 24 injections of medication to try to restrict the blood flow.

"Seeing them stab my penis with a needle was a horrible experience, like something out of a horror film," Garnett told the Sun. "The pain was 10 out of 10."

Garnett was diagnosed with a very rare condition called priapism, in which there is a blockage of the vessels that empty the blood from the penis. The nerves essentially "forget" to narrow the arteries after the feelings of sexual arousal have passed, leading to priapism.

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Monday, 13 October 2014

OUCHHH Man’s DIY Penis Enlargement Surgery Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong

A Chinese man has learned the hard way why DIY penis enlargement surgery is not a good idea.
52-year-old Kang Niu was unhappy with his lovemaking abilities. His penis didn’t get as long, thick, or hard as he wanted. Rather than taking something like, say, Viagra, he came up with what we thought was a far better solution: Inserting a sharp steel rod down the center of his urethra to “reinforce” his manhood.

What could possibly go wrong, right?
How the man managed to insert the entire 13cm rod into his dong without passing out, we don’t know. (Nor do we want to.) But the results were truly horrifying.
Niu quickly found that when he tried having sex, the rod shot backwards into his body, stabbing him in the bladder.
Embarrassed by what he had done, Niu didn’t tell anyone for several months, hoping the rod would naturally pass from his body in his urine. When it didn’t, and when the pain because so severe he could hardly walk, he checked into a local hospital.
The x-ray showing the 13cm steel rod trapped in Niu’s urinary tract.
Doctors took an X-ray and were shocked by what they discovered. The 13cm-long steel rod had become deeply lodged in Niu’s urinary tract. When they asked him about it, Niu said he came up with the “genius” idea all by himself.
A hospital spokesman told the media: “He believed that using this would give him a prolonged sexual experience.”
Of course, Niu isn’t the only man unhappy with the length and girth of his dong. A recent survey by the U.K.’s Observer found that 21 percent of men are discontent with their penis sizes. As a result, “Penoplasty” has become a growing trend in England.
Earlier this year, Billy-Tom O’Connor went on a morning news program to talk about his penis enlargement surgery. He  told an interviewer he wanted “an absolute monster,” so he paid to have his penis pumped up to the size of a 10-inch hairspray bottle. (See the NSFW pictures here.)
So what’s going to happen to Niu? The hospital would not say whether he will suffer permanent damage as a result of the DIY surgery. But here’s hoping he never tries it again. (Though, honestly, we wouldn’t put it past him.)

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