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Monday, 16 June 2014

Colby Keller Announces Plan To Film Gay Porn With Artists In Every State

Two months after the gentrification of his Baltimore neighborhood forced him out on the street, celebrated gay porn star, artist, writer, and intellectual Colby Keller has decided where life will take him next.
As you recall, Colby turned his unceremonious eviction into a celebration of art. In April, he held a “POT-latch” at which he literally gave away everything he owned, including his clothes, his cell phone, and his wallet. He justified the massive lifestyle change by turning his possessions into art — everyone who took a piece of Colby Keller was awarded an official note and a photo with Colby himself.

On Friday, Colby announced his next venture. Free from the weight of material possessions, he wants to buy a van, a mattress, a few cameras, and film gay porn with the good people of North America. He plans to shoot in every U.S. state, as well as each Canadian province.

“I like to fuck. No secret there,” he says, “and I’d like to fuck this great nation of ours, and Canada too. Since I’ll be starting from scratch, I’ll need a lot of help along the way.”
Colby has valued his Eat Pray Bang year at $35,000. According to the Indiegogo campaign he launched this week, here’s how he’ll spend it:
My plan is to buy a van, a mattress and a camera and travel across the country.  I’ll meet all my amazing fans, blog my adventures, collaborate with other artists and make videos in every state.  Remember when Sufjan Stevens said he wanted to make an album for every state?  Well, I plan to make a porn in every state (and whatever they call states in Canada-jk! jk!). . . and I’ll do it in less than a year.
So I need:
A van. Used but in good condition for some heavy mileage.
A mattress for the back of the van to serve as my bed and indoor studio.
A fancy camera, so you can see all the gritty details as clearly as possible.
Gas, food, mobile bandwidth so I can stay fueled and keep the transmissions cumming (oops, I meant coming!!!).

A hotel room in each state so I can take a shower and vary the up the filming locales.
Colby is a true giver, so he’s offering some very up-close-and-personal rewards for big contributors. Small donations up to $500 will get you a postcard, original illustrations, and t-shirts, while donations over $1,000 will get you a personal visit and spanking.
Contributors willing to shell out $10,000 can make their dreams come true by directing a Colby Keller porno of their own. Colby doesn’t specify whether a potential $10,000 donor would have the honor of joining the porno they direct, but everything’s negotiable when you’re locked in the back of a van on a mattress with Colby Keller and a camera, right?
With 29 days left, the Indiegogo campaign had reached nearly $5,000 of its $35,000 goal. Check out Colby’s plea below, and head over to Indiegogo to help support his dream.



  1. Hope he moves onto the European venues! Woof woof!

  2. COLBY DEAR MAN THEY ARE CALLED PROVINCES MY MAN HERE IN CANADA ONE OF OUR PROVINCES COULD EAT UP MANY STATES AS WE ARE SECOND LARGEST COUNTRY ON EARTH EXCEPT FOR RUSSIA. BUT ONLY one tenth of AMERICAS 360,000.000 compared to our 36,000,000 in population good luck on travels and shall be looking forward yo seeing every gives with cash clothing as needed sex as neede and HOT HOT showers with or without partners