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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Saturday review BEL AMI ONLINE


Bel Ami Online is one of the landmark producers of high quality gay porn specializing in twinks and jocks from central Europe. The website began in 1998 and is now at version 4. The site has an eye-catching tour offering hot scene previews and the promise of a huge amount of material. Bel Ami's high-production standards result in some stunning material. Over time, the scenes have become much more explicit, and now feature great close-ups of the penetration, breeding and cream pies, and a couple years ago they started filming barebacking, which they call condomless.

The core of the site has always been its collection of gorgeous Slovak, Hungarian and Czech models from 18 to 25. Many could rightly be called sex gods. The European focus means lots of uncut cocks, some of which are very big; Trevor Yates has one that should have its own zip code. More recently, performers from other countries, including the US, have been added. All are generally smooth, slim to well built but not over muscled and tattoos are a rarity. The Models pages feature 360 guys, but the list is incomplete; Bel Ami must offer over a thousand models.

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