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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Man with 10-inch penis gets surgery because he ‘wanted a monster’

Billy-Tom O’Connor already had the length. But he wanted to increase his member’s width.

Now, after a penoplasty surgery, the mullet-wearing Irishman measures at 7 ½ by 10 inches, which has apparently caused some women to decline him for sex–but only some.

“I have got to the point where they’ve seen it and they’ve refused me,” Dongman told a UK morning show. “They just point blank said they’re not willing to go any further with that. But most other girls absolutely loved it.”

The morning show staff compared the size of his new member to that of a roll of paper towels and a can of hairspray. Michael K at DListed has posted a before/after comparison photo of O’Connor’s junk.

“Yes, yes, I’d hit it,” Michael admitted, “but it’d probably hit me first.”

But why, the morning show host asked, did this man want a procedure done to his penis when he was already packing a good 10 inches? “I wanted a monster,” O’Connor replied.

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