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Monday, 4 August 2014

Todd Sanfield In The Sun With Kevin McDermott

Kevin McDermott is an excellent photographer, and when you have him taking snaps of a gorgeous hunky male model like the awesomely famous and adorable Todd Sanfield you know it’s going to end up being a totally delicious shoot.

I have to admit that this post is not all about the guy. The setting and surroundings for this shoot have my attention too. I think I need a holiday or something, and shoots like these make me realize that spending a weekend camping in a damp field in the UK is not an acceptable use of my vacation time!

And this is especially true if there’s a chance of enjoying the sight of gorgeous muscled and hunky men like Todd, walking around the place in their skimpy and sexy little outfits!

I think he has to be one of the fave guys in the male modeling world, there’s always a lot of sharing and commenting on him when a post appears out there in the blogosphere, and rightly so, the dude is one of the most impressive when it comes to natural physique and sexiness.

Forget about the ripped and pumped jocks, shaven to extremes and oiled up, this is real hotness.

Source GayBodyBlog

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