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Friday, 28 February 2014


The menacing, magnificent storm clouds of Wyoming come to swirling life in this time-lapse, "Stormscapes," by photographer Nicolaus Wegner. He braved lightning and the erratic fury of supercell storms to capture these images in the summer of 2013. On planet Earth at any moment there are  about 2,000 cloudy storms and each represents a unique symphony of wind and water 
To Wegner  for his recordings under the name " Stormscapes "  tornadoes are not required to reveal the stunning beauty of these huge storms. Magic accelerated footage reveals a different formation of storm clouds swirling and rushing across the sky .
Wegner is by profession a  photographer , not a meteorologist . 
Tracking the storm that develops from start to full scale , however , in itself always hides the danger , but carries an irresistible excitement and awe of the magnificent scene .

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